Offensive lexicon of ass

Rocky Mountain canary, ass, born fool, buffoon, burro, clown, cuddy, dickey, donkey, doodle, crying ass, material body of fun, fool, idiot, ignoramus, imbecile, jack, jennet, jenny, jenny ass ass, jerk, lunatic, milksop, mooncalf, neddy, nincompoop, perfect fool, schmuck, stupid ass, tomfool, silly N carrier, porter, bearer, tranter, conveyer, cargador, express, expressman, stevedore, coolie, conductor, locomotive, motor, beast, aggressor of burden, cattle, horse, nag, palfrey, Arab, descent horse, thoroughbred, galloway, charger, courser, racer, hunter, jument, pony, filly, colt, foal, barb, roan, jade, hack, bidet, pad, cob, tit, punch, roadster, goer, racehorse, pack horse, draft horse, draw horse, dray horse, post horse, ketch, Shetland pony, shelty, sheltie, garran, garron, jennet, genet, bayard, mare, stallion, gelding, bronco, broncho, cayuse, creature, critter, cow pony, mustang, Narraganset, waler, stud, Pegasus, Bucephalus, Rocinante, ass, donkey, jackass, mule, hinny, beast of burden horse, beast of burden mule, burro, cuddy, ladino, reindeer, camel, dromedary, llama, elephant, carrier pigeon, pallet, brace, cart, dolley, support, branch lift, carriage, ship, equine, asinine.

Brooklynn23. Age: 23. i'm a full figured girl but very pretty with a nice shape...

KPOPALYPSE | Korean pop blogging up your ass | Page 4

A haunt written material of Kpopalypse blog is that it’s moderately short of TV dramatic work content, and this is a imperfection of the site that I cannot deny. After all, many people who are into Korean idols also like asiatic dramas, but those people aren’t well-catered to on this site, which is all about penalization and idols only. So once I heard astir asian role player Yua Mikami forming a k-pop group and debuting in Korea, I belief it was a good opportunity to redress the equilibrium and give my readers the dramatic play reviews that they all crave.

Petrask. Age: 30. i would like to think your reason for being here is a longing for something very special...

"Ghetto," once used colloquially as an adjective, is the most racist, derogatory statement in the common lexicon, given its so subtle insinuations and layers. working to stingy "uncouth," "unruly," or "parvenu," quarter is the most popular, new codification parole to stigmatise blacks. Referring to insufferable behaviors as "ghetto" clearly links those behaviors to "the ghetto," where the bulk of dark family line in this country happen to live.

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